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Welcome to the 1st-Rangers Tactical Battalion!

We are very pleased to have you be part of this fun and exciting group. RTB started as a small group of former unit members from around the COD community. We have since expanded and now have some of the best run tactical game servers around. We are all about having fun, promoting friendly competition and creating an atmosphere that all can enjoy. We work hard to make sure that everything about this unit is open and above board to all members. Make yourself at home, have fun, and help us to continue to be the best!

In the 1st-Rangers,


Friday Nights - Black Ops III

Tuesday Nights - Battlefield 4

MLK! I thought of you: [link]
No one f*#ks with the Polar Bear
So my wife is in a parkinglot and some guy opens her door and stabs her in the arm i am talking through her arm and takes her purs she gets out with her friend and kicks the shit out of him and gets her purs back. Best wife ever
You can hardly blame a guy for doing a little pig hunting!
In reference to Raith's lean hack comments - I watched killcam and the guy does this odd fast lean left-right-left-right, shoot me in the head, then do the fast lean process afterwards. No one else around so I can't imagine why he was doing that fas
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